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10 fascinating science facts you might not know

Here’s a collection of 10 fascinating, super-interesting science facts that might not be common knowledge!  1. The Moon helps us to walk on Earth The moon is slowing down earth. Otherwise we would all lay flat on our tummies with the earth spinning around its axis in just 8 hours (instead of 24). 2. Beating mortality? […]

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What feeding a cow has to do with climate change – and kangaroos!

Have you ever been inside a greenhouse? Do you remember how warm it was inside even it was a cold day? A greenhouse is made out of glass and this construction lets sunshine in and holds its warmth inside.   Our earth’s ‘greenhouse’ works in a similar way. Earth has no glass-roof around it but […]

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How the rainbow reaches you!

  I just love rainbows!   Whenever I see one I am excited, happy and fascinated.   I am sure you are to.   We just have to love them for their beauty, their sudden arrival and slow fading.   There is something in us that reacts to rainbows. And it was always like that, […]

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Selfish but impressive little bloodsucker – the mosquito

Female mosquitoes bite before laying around 200 eggs. Living in a country where there is almost no rain we were all excited about the rain we recently had. Kids were running around with umbrellas, happily jumping into puddles. But now, around two weeks later, they are there! The mosquitoes! Oh don’t we all hate them, the […]

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