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10 fascinating science facts you might not know

Here’s a collection of 10 fascinating, super-interesting science facts that might not be common knowledge!  1. The Moon helps us to walk on Earth The moon is slowing down earth. Otherwise we would all lay flat on our tummies with the earth spinning around its axis in just 8 hours (instead of 24). 2. Beating mortality? […]

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Can water layer on water? A stunning little experiment!

My daughter had to do a science project for school. She came up with the idea to show something amazing, that water can actually float on water. To make this visible she decided to use food coloring to give each water layer a different color. There is, however, a little secret to the experiment. The […]

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Why Einstein would proudly sit on an induction cooker

If Einstein would enter a modern kitchen with a fitted induction cooker he would know right away that he could sit on the fully turned on cooker without hurting his behind. And he would be proud of that because he developed a theory in 1905, explaining the principles of induction, the exact principles used in […]

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Can baking powder and vinegar blow up a balloon?

My children have heard somewhere that you can blow up a balloon by mixing baking powder with vinegar. Yes you can! It is a well-known experiment and should be fun to do! The experiment Balloon is filled with baking powder and the bottle with vinegar Releasing baking powder into bottle Balloon starting to be blown […]

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How to dye your hair with a bombardier beetle

Have you ever heard of bombardier beetles? They have their name because they defend themselves by shooting chemicals on their enemies, producing a real explosion. African bombardier beetle in action The bombardier beetle’s ‘chemical factory’ Two chemical components are stored inside the beetle. When in danger the chemicals are released. Once mixed together they produce an explosion that […]

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