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How Dopamine works in favor of our Reward System

Let’s talk about dopamine, this little chemical that lives in us and makes us happy. It’s one of our so-called ‘feel good’ chemicals. It’s a really tiny neurotransmitter that jumps between our nerve cells and activates them.   Dopamine is synthesized in the brain. Consuming it as food is irrelevant since it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier. […]

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Introducing 10 famous female scientists – the finally final four!

Did I really forget my last four famous female scientists? I thought I had introduced them to you already. But I am afraid with my sudden ICU and hospital journey I must have missed and twisted something! But finally, here they are! My last but – of course – not least four precious ladies.   […]

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5 essential truths about High Intensity Interval training – HIIT

Burn more fat and increase your caloric burn! What would you say to a fitness program that is about 5 times more effective that traditional treadmill running?   And it is time-saving as well!   I recently started such a fitness program.   After a broken foot, a surgery, months on crutches and another hospital […]

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The (need to know) story of the inhalable insulin Afrezza!

What do you know about insulin?      Probably that it is used to treat diabetes.     You might also know that it has to be injected with a needle which isn’t that nice.   It cannot be swallowed because it is a protein and will be digested. I wrote about it in my […]

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Which Nobel Prize would you prefer?

When I was at University studying biology I loved to ask my fellow students following question: “Would you prefer to be awarded with a Nobel Prize in one of the Science fields or with the Nobel Peace Prize?” Most of them answered that they would prefer a Nobel Prize in Science. After all, they were […]

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Introducing 10 famous female scientists – Mary, Jane and Rosalind!

  Jane Goodall Some time ago I shared quotes by 10 famous female scientists in a post that became quite popular. A little later I introduced the first three of these impressive and extraordinary Ladies in more detail. Because every female scientist has her own story, her own achievements, struggles and personality.   Today I want […]

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Why my grandmother used to cheat at her check-ups!

  Have you ever taken your grandmother for a medical check-up? Do you remember how it was?   I remember my grandmother! When she was already quite old she developed diabetes. As a result she had to do a blood sugar test once a month. These blood sugar tests were big events. A few days […]

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Suffering pain and a thankful perspective about a tumor

Brain tumors are scary! A diagnosis of a brain tumor will always shock you, no matter if the tumor can be removed or not. It’s life-changing for everyone involved and often family members start initiatives or choose a work field to face this experience. The patient’s perspective Several years ago, my mom was diagnosed with […]

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