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Why quitting smoking is the most brutal habit change

Smoking is a habit. Smoking is also an addiction. That’s why quitting smoking is more than a habit change and probably one of the hardest things to do. I talked to all the ex-smokers I know. Friends, my cousin and my dad, they all gave me helpful in-depth information into the struggles of quitting smoking. After […]

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Why your brain can sabotage your weight loss

The Holidays are a time to indulge in our favorite foods and cultural traditions. We meet, socialize and eat together. It makes us happy. Afterward, we often feel stuffed, low in energy, and we often feel the need to lose some weight. In theory, the formula for weight loss is simple. We have to burn […]

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5 essential truths about High Intensity Interval training – HIIT

Burn more fat and increase your caloric burn! What would you say to a fitness program that is about 5 times more effective that traditional treadmill running?   And it is time-saving as well!   I recently started such a fitness program.   After a broken foot, a surgery, months on crutches and another hospital […]

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