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Why transparent solar panels work like invisible magic elves

Are you a fan of solar energy? Are you already actively using it? Or do you think it is great  – but please not where I can see it? Since some years I live in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. And if there is one thing we have more than enough – next […]

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Introducing 10 famous female scientists – the finally final four!

Did I really forget my last four famous female scientists? I thought I had introduced them to you already. But I am afraid with my sudden ICU and hospital journey I must have missed and twisted something! But finally, here they are! My last but – of course – not least four precious ladies.   […]

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What feeding a cow has to do with climate change – and kangaroos!

Have you ever been inside a greenhouse? Do you remember how warm it was inside even it was a cold day? A greenhouse is made out of glass and this construction lets sunshine in and holds its warmth inside.   Our earth’s ‘greenhouse’ works in a similar way. Earth has no glass-roof around it but […]

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Introducing 10 famous female scientists – Mary, Jane and Rosalind!

  Jane Goodall Some time ago I shared quotes by 10 famous female scientists in a post that became quite popular. A little later I introduced the first three of these impressive and extraordinary Ladies in more detail. Because every female scientist has her own story, her own achievements, struggles and personality.   Today I want […]

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10 simple ways to respect our planet Earth!

My last post resulted in lots of discussions – online and offline. I mentioned the mind-blowing possibility of relocating us humans to a new planet – once we messed up the old Earth.  And that we need to take care of our old Earth for now! One thought came up over and over again! It […]

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Space Kepler and the mission to relocate humanity

  There is a big fear in us human beings that one day we will not be able to live on our earth anymore! And there are three possible reasons why: The sun will implode and we won’t be anymore. We have lost the moon. We destroyed our earth ourselves. Number 1 might happen in […]

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Thought about! Why to protect a sea turtle!

by Ilka Emig Hawksbill Sea Turtle I recently talked to a friend about the protection of sea turtles in the Arabian Gulf. I tried to explain the ‘Sea Marine Turtle Conservation Project’ launched by EWS-WWF Abu Dhabi with the intention of tagging and tracking sea turtles in the region. ‘Ok!’ my friend replied ‘but shouldn’t […]

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