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How teasing a sea snail led to a Nobel Prize

Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind. – Jeffrey Eugendies Aplysia is a lovely sea snail, especially loved by Neuroscientists. Aplysia’s neurological system is simple, controlled by only a small amount of large and accessible nerve cells, 20,000 to be specific. Our complicated human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells. […]

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Suffering pain and a thankful perspective about a tumor

Brain tumors are scary! A diagnosis of a brain tumor will always shock you, no matter if the tumor can be removed or not. It’s life-changing for everyone involved and often family members start initiatives or choose a work field to face this experience. The patient’s perspective Several years ago, my mom was diagnosed with […]

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Our brain and us! Who is cheating who?

by Ilka Emig Whoever understands his brain can do things different than the brain suggests immediately, says psychiatrist professor Manfred Spitzer in an interview, and right away I have to think that whenever I start a diet my brain suggests immediately to eat all kinds of food. Our brain, the little cheater! If there is […]

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