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How your Brain benefits from learning a New Language

It is never too late to learn a new language. the benefits of learning and knowing a language next to your mother tongue are amazing, even if you are already an adult. I am not just talking about the fun of communicating in another language. Or about the fun of being able to make new […]

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A Guide on Basic Brain Facts

This post might look unusually scientific to you. But I am actually starting a new category on human behavior including its influence on the brain. And the other way around. To start this I thought some basics might be of interest. General The brain is the center of the human nervous system, controlling thoughts, movements, […]

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Why are we so attracted to successful people?

I have recently come across a video where Cristiano Ronaldo appears incognito as a homeless person on the streets of Madrid. He showed all his famous tricks but attracted only a few people. Only after revealing his true identity people started to follow him everywhere. It made me think! Why are we so attracted to successful […]

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10 fascinating science facts you might not know

Here’s a collection of 10 fascinating, super-interesting science facts that might not be common knowledge!  1. The Moon helps us to walk on Earth The moon is slowing down earth. Otherwise we would all lay flat on our tummies with the earth spinning around its axis in just 8 hours (instead of 24). 2. Beating mortality? […]

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