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"7 Tricks Successful People Use to Overcome their Fear of Failure"


claires-partyWelcome! I’m Ilka,

a dedicated teacher, lovable scientist, and author behind

I strongly believe that everyone should be enabled to live the best way possible.

On this blog, I help people change habits. I’ve seen that people often don’t realize the power their behavior has on their brain – and the other way around.

I write about…

  • What habits are, how you can break an old habit and how you can develop a new habit.
  • Why it takes some time to develop a new habit.
  • Why you will have moments of failure while developing a new habit, no matter how strong your willpower is.
  • Why you should accept these moments of failure as part of your journey of habit change.
  • Why you never stop learning – and why that’s a good thing. 
  • Why you have to include your reward system to successfully change a habit.
  • On occasion, I write about science stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories.
  • On other occasions, I share posts I write for other blogs.


I Know How You Feel!

Do you want to improve and reach your full potential? Do you strive to develop new habits while getting rid of old ones? 

I’m on the journey with you. I’m not just writing about habit change or teaching it. I’m in the middle of changing habits myself, using the same knowledge and the same methods I’m introducing to you. I’m feeling what you are feeling and I’m failing where you are failing.

Let’s move on together! I can help you, step by step, with practical tips and helpful information. Be assured, everything I write is backed up by science.



Some Quick Facts About Me!

I’m a mom of two lovely, constantly question asking, and knowledge craving kids. 

I belong to those people you can’t start their day (or a project, or a car ride, or anything) without a cup of coffee.

I work as a teacher for Maths and Science at an incredible IB School.

I achieved a Ph.D. in science and a 2 year certified further study course in practical psychology and counseling. 

I was born in Germany, educated in the USA, and am now an expat of the interesting UAE.

No matter where I live, I always find my home and strength in a church group.

I love music, play the piano and sing in a girls-only modern fun choir with an own Youtube channel


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Yours free! Updates Plus Bonus Report on

"7 Tricks Successful People Use to Overcome their Fear of Failure"

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