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10 awesome ways for raising confident and happy kids

I have written a post for a wonderful parenting blog called KACHY!

I would be honored if you could hop over there and read, share or leave your thoughts at the original post!

Thanks a lot  friends!

10 awesome ways for raising confident and happy kids

‘Do you think you are confident?’ I asked my kids.

Luckily, they both said yes.

Because, I explained to them, Mommy will write about raising confident kids; and if you weren’t confident Mommy would be a fake.

My daughter gave me her special quite relaxing smile. To prove his confidence, my 10 year old son started … More


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Hi I'm Ilka, a self-development writer and lovable scientist with a knowledgeable expertise in brain science. I help people realize the power our behavior has on our brain - and the other way around.

Carl D'Agostino - July 26, 2016

These days the best of efforts by parents may go awry. Seems once kids enter early teens there is no telling what bad pathways they may enter and parents need to learn not to carry the guilt when they do.

    simplyilka - July 29, 2016

    Hi Carl!

    Being a teenager is a story by itself. Many go crazy for a while. We can just hope that the foundation we implemented in early years will change their mind once they are older. Parents should not feel guilty and like failures when teenagers get in trouble. There is always free will and influences by others.

    Thanks for sharing, Ilka

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