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Why are we so attracted to successful people?

I have recently come across a video where Cristiano Ronaldo appears incognito as a homeless person on the streets of Madrid. He showed all his famous tricks but attracted only a few people. Only after revealing his true identity people started to follow him everywhere.

It made me think!

Why are we so attracted to successful people?

And is it possible for a ‘nobody’ to start a movement?

There are, of course, two parts to the equation; the person being followed and the fan or follower. Let’s be honest, what would a successful or famous person be without fans or followers?

But fans and followers are not simply responding to the charisma or talent of a soccer player, writer, singer, artist or politician. In Ronaldo’s example people ignored his talent until they knew who he was. With recognizing that fans are more excited about a successful person and followers do actually copy them; fans and followers all have their very own motives. And they are usually looking for some kind of benefit.

Reasons why people follow successful people

Motives usually look for a benefit:

  • Hopes of becoming important – like showing your friends that you met Ronaldo
  • Hopes of catching some of the fame
  • Hopes of being discovered
  • Hopes of gaining money
  • Hopes of gaining status
  • Hopes of gaining power
  • Simply enjoying the fun (as shown perfectly in the video at the end)
  • Fear of missing out if we don’t follow (as shown perfectly again in the video at the end)
  • Trust

Trust is very important. We usually follow people who are already successful because they have already proven how to be successful. If you would ask me as a blogger to name a Blogging Consultant I would give you three names:

Adrienne Smith from , Harleena Singh from and Jon Morrow from

Now, there are definitely other great consultants out there. Why them? Simply, because I know and trust them!

And let’s not forget that it is absolutely possible to become real friends as blogggers.


Final thoughts and how to start a movement


We are all followers as well as people being followed in some way.

We just have to make sure to always understand our motives and be an independent person.

And we have to understand other people’s motives as well – especially everyone’s constant search for benefits.

Talent alone is not enough to become successful.

You need to find a mentor or coach you can trust, market yourself, create an image, connect with successful people and socialize with them as much as you can.


The video shows you how and wraps it up better than I could do.



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Hi I'm Ilka, a self-development writer and lovable scientist with a knowledgeable expertise in brain science. I help people realize the power our behavior has on our brain - and the other way around.

writerwannabe763 - October 4, 2015

And why is it that an established actor can all of a sudden decide they can sing… and are accepted even though if they were an unknown they would not be accepted as having a good voice…. Because as you said if you are known, people will follow.. Diane
writerwannabe763 recently posted…Fraud Call!My Profile

    simplyilka - October 4, 2015

    Hi Diane!

    So good to hear from you. That is a great example you are giving. And yes, that’s how it is.

    All the best to you my friend, Ilka

    NicePhpScripts - August 29, 2017

    your blog is so uncomplicated to read, i like this article, so maintain posting much more

Ella - October 4, 2015

Hi Ilka!

Glad to have you back. We’ve missed you.

I loved the videos. LOL!

You present very logical points and they should be clear to everyone. But somehow we don’t really know why we actually do what we do. I loved the point that we become a follower out of fear to miss out. OMG! That is so true. Lot’s to think about. Thanks for sharing
– Ella

    simplyilka - October 4, 2015

    Hi Ella!

    I am very happy to be back. I missed all my precious blogger friends as well.

    I am glad the post makes you think. It is crucial that we are aware of behavior so that we are not controlled by it. And understanding other people’s behavior helps to be rational instead of being offended.

    Take care, Ilka

Adrienne - October 4, 2015

Hi Ilka,

Why thank you SO much for mentioning me along side Harleena and Jon, I’m flattered and touched.

I think I liked the Ted talk the best… The reason for that is I remember when I started my own journey and I was “following” what everyone was teaching. Guess what though! I wasn’t getting the results I had desired so I started doing things my way.

It’s like you’re a proud Mom when the first person comes along, implements what I’ve been sharing as well and gets some great results. That’s why you know you’ve got something but the guy is right in the video. We’re nowhere or no one with people who start to follow us.

I love what I do, I love helping people and I love it even more when they get great results. I don’t necessarily think I’m famous, not quite yet but it’s great that some people think that I am. 😉

Welcome back my dear and I enjoyed your post. Hope you’re enjoyed your weekend and mine is on the downhill stretch now.

Adrienne recently posted…Magical Monday: Storytelling, Comments, Marketing, Relationships, ScholarshipMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 5, 2015

    Hi Adrienne!

    Thanks so much for your comment. You do need mentioning because you are really helping people. And it shows that you love what you do. You also treat everyone equal and with all your respect.

    Of course following is only one part. I know that a great community can have its’ totally own dynamic.

    You are right that it is good to listen to some advice – especially to avoid mistakes – but to find your own style and what works for you as well. I think this balance might be the trickiest part of all.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Best, Ilka

Harleena Singh - October 5, 2015

Hi Ilka,

Good to be back, and over at your blog after my break 🙂

Let me start by thanking you for the kind mention along with wonderful bloggers like Jon and Adrienne – indeed an honor and we are flattered 🙂

Those were nice videos, and though success would mean different to different people, but you are right as to the reasons why we are attracted to the successful lots, especially initially as we are in the learning phase, and anything that helps us understand and grow as bloggers and people overall, is what we’d go with.

Yes, I too was like that and still love to learn from the successful lots, but now I find everyone has got something to share that we can all learn from, so learning never really ends – we keep picking it up from all over, which makes the blogosphere such a wonderful place to be in, isn’t it?

However, it does give me immense pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction when I know I’ve helped someone in some way -that makes it all so worth the while. I guess when people can relate to what you share and further spread the word, it helps.

Thanks for sharing, and have a nice week ahead 🙂
Harleena Singh recently posted…7 Steps to Strategize Smart Goals to Achieve SuccessMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 5, 2015

    Hi Harleena!

    Good to have you back 🙂

    Of course you deserve to be mentioned here. You have proven yourself that it is possible to built one of the most amazing blogs in the blogosphere.

    And following is only one part. I know that a great community like your community has its’ totally own positive dynamic. That’s where people truly support each other and everyone learns from the other blogger.

    Loving what you do and finding satisfaction in helping definitely shows and helps to built trust.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Ilka

Hema Unnoop - October 6, 2015

Hello Ilka,

This is my first time at your blog. I came across your blog post via AhaNow. You have given me something so deep to reflect on.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s video clearly showed your talent won’t count until people know who you are. It’s amazing how one second before not more than 3 people were watching him. But as soon as he revealed who he was people flocked towards him like bees.

We are attracted to successful people as we know they have worked their way to the top. We want to be associated with such people to feel important too. There’s definitely so many benefits as you mentioned when we surround ourselves with successful people.

I am so happy you mentioned Harleena who I consider my blogging mentor. I have just come back from an unexpected blogging break. I joined AhaNOw community a few months before that. Harleena always had valuable advice for me and my blog. I was inspired by her to give my blog a makeover.

It’s amazing when I started blogging I followed lots of people but didn’t have proper direction. But the moment I joined AhaNow community I decided it was time to follow those who were successful and those who had the results. That made all the difference for me:)

Thank you so much for allowing me to reflect. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thank you Ilka.

Kind Regards
Hema Unnoop recently posted…My Self-Care JourneyMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 6, 2015

    Hi Hema!

    Welcome to my blog! And thank you for your kind words.

    I am glad that you found Harleena as your mentor. She is not only very experienced and successful; she has a great sense for community and believes that helping others is the real reward.

    It is good to stop from time to time and reflect. That way we can see what we have achieved already and if we are on the right path. And you seem to have found your path now.

    And the video with Ronaldo was quite an eye opener, wasn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Have a great day, Ilka

Hassaan Khan - October 8, 2015

Hi, Ilka!

Thank you so much for the post. Everybody wants success. People choose their own ways. They adopt their own strategies, but the ultimate destination they dream is ‘SUCCESS’…

I believe that a successful person is always motivated to achieve it. And, such people do achieve.

They see what others don’t.

I’m blessed to be a part of the blogosphere. I believe in contributing to others’ success, maybe, someone will contribute to mine.

I’m happy to see your blog.

Looking forward to visiting again.
Hassaan Khan recently posted…6 Writing Tips Every Blogger Should FollowMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 11, 2015

    Hi Hassaan!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    You are right that successful people have lots of motivation and the will to achieve big. And I think they often work really hard and have many personal sacrifices as well. That’s not what people see; they see only the public glory. It all belongs together.

    I wish you success and that you can help someone out there! Like you I am also happy to be part of the blogosphere 🙂
    Best, Ilka

Rachel - October 9, 2015

Hey IIka,

That was a great post. I smiled all the way through it. I have always loved and supported the lone nut. Not all, some styles are not for me, but I can always appreciate someone gutsy enough to stand up and start enjoying themselves.

The soccer player, he went from nothing to a build up of a crowd in moments. Unbelievable. I always say we have people who are our hero’s because they give us a standard to want to live up to.

Can I just say I have seen the light and I now know how to build my community. Thank you so much.


    simplyilka - October 11, 2015

    Hi Rachel!

    So good to see you over here. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and that you had ideas for building your community. That is awesome 🙂

    I also like people with standards. It usually helps them to stay down to earth and be true to themselves; even when success sets in.

    And the video with Christiano Ronaldo is truly unbelievable. It says more than a psychology lecture.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rachel! And don’t we all love to be a little nuts 😉
    Best, Ilka

Sherri Matthews - October 9, 2015

It’s so good to read your posts again my friend. Speaking of followers, I am so very grateful to you for your kindness, loyalty and friendship and I love that you keep an eye on me here in blogland 🙂 That means such a lot to me. You make some great points here. I often think of actors and their chilren who grow up and then become famour actors themselves. If that would be I would always be wondering if it was because I had natural talent or if it was because of my family links. I would never be able to really tell and that would bother me. But it’s right we do need to surround ourselves with the right people, those who have our backs and will always look out for us and keep us going and support us, as we do the same for them. And I’m so happy I met you here… 🙂
Sherri Matthews recently posted…Homecoming Queen: 99 Word Flash FictionMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 11, 2015

    Hi Sherri!

    Thanks for your kind words. I am also happy for our friendship that developed here in the blogosphere 🙂 You know that you where my first commenter on my blog? I will never forget this! The first follower of the nut one 😉

    You’re absolutely right that no-one can tell where the fame of kids of famous actors comes from. I guess there is no way to tell. It can be natural talent or it can be all the resources they have. Or maybe a combination of both.

    Yes, we can be very thankful for having supportive families and for our friends here. I am blessed being part of your journey and can’t wait to read your book one day!

    Have a great day my friend, Ilka

ikechi - October 11, 2015

Hi Iika

Surprised that my comment wasn’t here.

I will like to say thumbs up to this post. First, I was blown by the videos especially the one that has to do with creating a movement.

You are right as I too have wondered why people follow successful people and you did a pretty job explaining the reason.

Once a person defines success for himself, he tends to follow those that have achieved his vision of success. This is strange but a reality.

Thanks for sharing an awesome post
ikechi recently posted…How To Be Clingy, Have No Friends and Slowly Destroy Your EssenceMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 12, 2015

    Hi Ikechi!

    Thank you so much for leaving another comment. It is good to see you over here 🙂

    I am glad you liked the post. The question ‘why’ do people always follow successful people truly bothered me for a while. And like you said; it is strange but a reality.

    Have a great day, Ilka

Jaco Alberts - October 20, 2015

Hi Ilke,

Thank you for an excellent post.

What I also get from this is the need for passion and perseverance. If your only aim is fame and glory, you will have a hard time getting there without those two elements.

Maybe that is one of the reasons we are so attracted to successful people, because they show leadership and strong personalities. Thinking about your post, maybe those traits are more attractive to people than their physical skills.

Really something to think about.

Thank you Ilke.

Have a great day,

Jaco Alberts recently posted…Rushing – Going Nowhere FastMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 22, 2015

    Hi Jaco,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts.

    I am glad you liked the post and it made you think. You are right that passion and perseverance are very important – and very attractive – attitudes; just like a strong personality. And if this strong personality includes empathy guidance and a helping hand it becomes very easy to follow this person.

    Thank you and have a great day,

Mitch Mitchell - October 28, 2015

You make a good point and yet I think it’s a shame overall. Sure, I have some favorites in entertainment and sports, but overall I’m drawn to talent in many different fields. There were some fabulous musicians and singers in college who I’d have sat in the stairwell listening to all day instead of wanting to pay to go to a concert to see almost anyone (almost that is; I couldn’t be stopped going to see the Jacksons in college lol).

I like to think I meet talented people all the time who have as much to offer as gurus that are better known. Sure, I know a few famous people, yet I’ve always gotten more from those who aren’t as famous. It’s those folks I honor most.

Well, except for Adrienne; her I love! 🙂
Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Promoting Ourselves, Our Content, Our Videos… Everything!My Profile

    simplyilka - October 29, 2015

    Hi Mitch!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    There is a real beauty in listening to talented yet undiscovered musicians. It is a feeling of being part of a secret and of discovering a true treasure. I do understand that those ‘stairwell moments’ were very special to you.

    About Adrienne! She is a true treasure. We just have to love her 🙂

    All the best to you, Ilka

Toby Nwazor - November 3, 2015

Hello Ilka,

it is my first time on your blog and I love the simplicity with which you pass your message. We all like to identify with success and at the slightest opportunity we have, we will readily follow a successful people.

I can’t explain it, but successful people usually have this magnetic power. You can’t see them and not want to be identified with them.

As a student, a friend of mine used to dance professionally. I felt so honoured standing with him after each show. I think it was because I wanted to be associated with his success.

it is funny, but it is true. It is just human nature. This really gave me something to ponder on.
Toby Nwazor recently posted…Hire Us to Write for YouMy Profile

    simplyilka - November 9, 2015

    Hi Toby!

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    I like your example; that you felt honored standing next to your friend who danced professionally because you wanted to be associated with his success. It is human and we all do it.

    I am glad to be in touch and all the best to you, Ilka 🙂

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