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8 science jokes for everyone!

homo wrong

It is healthy to laugh!


And today I want to see you healthy!


With science jokes!


I acknowledge, sometimes they are hard to understand.


I remember,


there used to be a science show on TV with 2 scientists, some experiments, a silly moderator and an audience. At the end one of the scientists used to tell a science joke. And usually the audience was confused and quiet. And usually only the other scientist was laughing about the joke.


But these 8 are for everyone:



 atoms make up evrything







adenine loves u






electron positive



DNA copy joke




homo wrong







glas full

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Hi I'm Ilka, a self-development writer and lovable scientist with a knowledgeable expertise in brain science. I help people realize the power our behavior has on our brain - and the other way around.

Sherri - October 23, 2014

Haha…love these, thanks for making my day full of smiles dear Ilka 🙂
Sherri recently posted…Weekly Photo Challenge: RefractionMy Profile

    simplyilka - October 23, 2014

    Thanks Sherri! If I made your day full of smiles the post was already worth it 🙂

Ella - October 23, 2014

You made me smile as well! And laugh! I understand (almost) all of them 🙂

Take care, Ella

    simplyilka - October 23, 2014

    That’s fabulous! I love to make people smile and laugh! Only if you want to share, which ones didn’t you understand?

      Ella - October 23, 2014

      I hope I don’t look stupid LOL. The one with Pluto!

      simplyilka - October 23, 2014

      Hi Ella! Pluto was originally the 9th of the big planets orbiting around our sun. In 2006 he was officially voted to be ‘only’ a dwarf planet. This was done by the International Astronomical Union.

      Poor Pluto !!!

      Ella - October 23, 2014

      Ohhh! Poor Pluto indeed

Andrea - October 23, 2014

love it

    simplyilka - October 23, 2014

    Thanks Andrea! I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

Rachel - October 24, 2014

I like the last one the best 🙂

    simplyilka - October 24, 2014

    Thanks Rachel! Yes, I agree it’s a good one 🙂

scottishmomus - October 27, 2014

These are great. Lovely to start the day with a smile and a laugh. Thank you. 🙂

    simplyilka - October 29, 2014

    Aww. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

Ravi Chahar - November 2, 2014

Hi IIka,

I like the images you have added here. Its kind of funny to see that how human have evolved and now again went to the same position just because of internet.
All the other concepts are really great.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Hope you are enjoying your day.
Ravi Chahar recently posted…Advanced Minify Settings Of W3 Total Cache PluginMy Profile

    simplyilka - November 2, 2014

    Hi Ravi!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am glad you enjoyed the post. It is so true that the Internet forces us to sit a lot with curved back, which isn’t the healthiest position.

    Enjoy your weekend! – Ilka

donna merrill - November 4, 2014

Hi Ilka,

These are so funny! Thanks for brightening up my day. I love #8 because I always say that he he he.

#6 is hysterical!

donna merrill recently posted…Ready For Success?My Profile

    simplyilka - November 4, 2014

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog Donna 🙂

    I am glad you enjoyed the post and I could brighten your day. That makes my day.

    It’s funny that you love to use the joke with the glass that’s always full. And after all it’s scientifically correct 🙂

    Have a great day – Ilka

Harleena Singh - November 10, 2014

Hi Ilka,

Awesome indeed! 🙂

I just couldn’t stop laughing…they are ALL so hilarious jokes! Oh yes…who doesn’t need a laugh every once in a while, especially when we are otherwise so busy in our daily lives.

Glad you shared these with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
Harleena Singh recently posted…Six Easy Steps to Success with Personal BrandingMy Profile

    simplyilka - November 12, 2014

    Hi Harleena!

    I am so glad you enjoyed the jokes. . You are right, who doesn’t need a laugh every once in a while.

    Actually humor helps in all situations and especially when we are busy.

    Have a fantastic day

Ashish - December 2, 2014

Hi Ilka,
Thanks for sharing the article about 8 science jokes for everyone. Very interesting article. And thanks for revised the human history.
Such you are doing a work, plz carry on.

    simplyilka - December 10, 2014

    Dear Ashish!

    Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you enjoyed the jokes. I looks like the joke with humanity going to back to being curved hits a nerve.

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day, Ilka

Sybille - January 14, 2015

Hi Ilka, love all of them. I’m still laughing :-).

    simplyilka - January 14, 2015

    Hi Sybille!

    Thanks so much and welcome to my bog! I am glad you liked the jokes.

    Have a great day, Ilka

Vidya - January 15, 2015

😀 I enjoyed the jokes. I am a big fan of all things scientific 🙂
Vidya recently posted…The World Within My BlanketMy Profile

    simplyilka - January 15, 2015

    Hi Vidya!

    Welcome to my blog. I am gad you enjoyed the jokes. I am always gad to see a fellow scientist here. Hopefully we can exchange lots of science-ideas.

    Best, Ilka

IW - January 17, 2015

Thanks for returning the giggle! Loved this 😀 My daughter would love this too…my kids are well into their sciences. (which is awesome for me – I learn SO much!! 😉
IW recently posted…Thank YouMy Profile

    simplyilka - January 18, 2015

    Thank you! I am honored to return the giggle 🙂

    I am really happy your kids are into their sciences. First, I am always thrilled if someone shares the love for science. And secondly they make you learn fascinating stuff. Well done 😉

    And Belinda; could you please make sure that your comment on my about page was really meant for me? Thanks!

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