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Hi I'm Ilka, a self-development writer and lovable scientist with a knowledgeable expertise in brain science. I help people realize the power our behavior has on our brain - and the other way around.

N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ - January 21, 2014

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Sagan. =)

navigator1965 - January 21, 2014

Carl was clearly alluding to my future unified construct of gender narcissism as the basis for the social theory equivalent to the elusive unified field theory in theoretical physics.

Wonder how he knew? };-)>

Great quote.

    simplyilka - January 22, 2014

    Thanks! Carl Sagan was extremely intelligent and a great thinker. It’s very interesting he had some influence on you! I am tempted to ask for details but I am also afraid to ask since I know that you wrote a whole book about your construct 😉

      navigator1965 - January 22, 2014

      Yes, it’s best not to get me going on this. I have trouble stopping. What you might find interesting is my approach to the intellectual rigour behind it. In the sequel, I will identify the axioms open which the thesis will rest. Assumptions, to reference Occam’s Razor.

      I’m not certain, but it may constitute the first informal social geometry.

rmudge - January 22, 2014

Incredible things are everywhere if you ask me. 🙂

    simplyilka - January 22, 2014

    Thanks! You definitely have a great point here. Sometimes we just need to pay more attention of the world around us 🙂

appletonavenue - January 26, 2014

I love Carl Sagan. What a nice quote to choose.

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